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my name is melani. i’m a trend and brand strategy specialist. I like smart ideas, furry dogs and sleek designs. My homebase is hamburg by heart my mindset is international.

i am

i am a trend and brand enthusiast. my aim is to develop successful brands, products ans services for tomorrow’s consumers merging trend research and consumer insight analysis with all aspects of brand planning. I can’t always find my keys, but I can help you find fresh ideas for branding and communication planning. I‘m available for freelance work and collaborations.

i do...


the success of brands, products or services largely depends on how effectively the evolution of trends is anticipated. as a trend consultant i know how to identify changes in society and markets and draw strategic conclusions from that. where others see chaos, i find patterns that capitalize on the future

what i can do for you
future forecasting, trend research, trend scouting, trend analysis, consumer insight analysis, social media analysis, focus groups, lead user and expert interviews, shadowing tours, ethnographic research, semiotic analysis, creative innovation and ideation workshops.


managing brands effectively is all about bonding with your consumer and consistently delivering relevant brand messages in any given environment. brands are mental constructs that are developed by consumers’ minds and brought to life by consumers’ minds – not markteers.

what i can do for you
brand value evaluation, strategy development, brand positioning, brand architecture, brand evolution, portfolio strategy, consumer insight panels, consumer communication strategy, focus groups, social media and target group analysis, communication concepts, ideation concepts.